Organizational Learning Essay

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Experiential learning theory, conversational learning, and seminar practices combine to shape an educational experience that is grounded in principles of appreciative inquiry.

Action research, which has been a frequently used research method recently, is considered a fruitful research approach used by academicians and teachers to obtain systematic and scholarly information, and to develop current applications in different fields of education. Generally considered as a qualitative research method, action research makes use of both qualitative and quantitative research techniques. Its primary purpose is to understand instructional processes, to manipulate the instruction and develop it further. Action …show more content…

Therefore, once the definition of organizational learning is settled, that of the learning organization will follow. It is commonly agreed that the concept of organizational learning is complex and multidimensional. Within the term organizational learning, the word learning is a live metaphor (Tsoukas, 1991) that transfers information from the relatively familiar domain of individual learning (the source domain) to a less known phenomenon in organizations (the target domain). As such, we should guard against the danger that ª the object being metaphorically described does not share many, if any, defining characteristics of the object used metaphorically (Pinder & Bourgeois, 1982). For example, what has been learned is stored in a neat and tidy physical location (i.e., the brain) for individual learning; the case for organizational learning is not so simple. An additional complication is that the study of individual learning is itself complex and in flux, and its use in guiding the research of organizational learning should be treated with caution. Usually when metaphors are used, the source domain is distinct from the target domain, as in the case of the garbage can model of organizational decision making (Cohen, March, & Olsen, 1972). Unfortunately, there is a close relationship between individual learning within an organizational context and organizational learning per se. Confusion may arise as

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