Organizational Performance: Apple Inc Case Study

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Organizational Performance Organizational Performance There are three crucial criteria for measuring the organizational performance. The first approach for measuring the organizational performance is through evaluation of the financial volumes (profits and return on assets). The second method is through determination of the performance of services and products within the market or industry context (market share and volume of sales). The third mode for evaluation of organizational performance is through determination of the returns relevant to shareholders or investors (economic value added and total shareholder return). The organization (Apple Inc) would be on the right track if the overall net profits increases annually. This would determine that the company has the capacity to reach its financial needs and targets. Provision of high quality services and products would also mean effective performance of the firm. Identification of Problems and Opportunities for Quality Improvement In order to identify the presence of problems and opportunities for quality improvement, the firm can adopt three vital criteria. The first approach would involve the creation of internal failure cost with the aim of evaluating the quality of the products and services before reaching the market. This process would allow the organization to identify problems with products internally and adopt appropriate measures to enhance their quality before reaching the market. The second mode of
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