Organizational Reflection Paper

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Organizations can be held anywhere there is a group of people who have the same goal in mind. Organizations can be within a job, school club, or church. Organizations can unite people who are all for the same end results, or negatively organizations can divide people as well, by bringing up the differences within. Ultimately speaking, this course and paper is to provide insight to understanding organizations better within each personal story and experience. Luckily, when writing this paper I can say I have held many jobs, short-term, and long-term to reflect on as I give my insight. Regarding my organizational commitment, I have been loyal to the companies who have been loyal to me. When a company has valuable perks for their employees, it feels like the company is for you as an individual as well as an employee. I worked for one company who did the bare minimum for me. I got 10% off their product when I was off duty, and 15% off while I was on. This job only lasted approximately six months, because I was making minimum wage and receiving the care minimum for the company. In return, my co-workers only worked their bare minimum because that was all that was given to them by the company. This resulted in me being overworked and feeling under-appreciated. It is safe to say, I had very little organizational commitment. This is a perfect example of me being a “lone wolf” as our textbook would describe. (Colquitt 73). This same company I worked for only six months never did

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