Organizational Structure Of An Organization

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1. Introduction
An organization is defined as a group of people who work together in an organized way for shared purpose. When people come together, they can either compliment one another or potentially create conflicts and disagreements in the course of pursuing common objectives with their differentiated experiences, perceptions and knowledge.

Managing an organization involves putting a structure to the business so that managers can manage, supervise and coordinate its people and organization’s performance. A structure serves as a framework for the purpose of outlining clear operating guidelines in order to keep the organization functional. It defines the hierarchical lines of authority, establishing job roles and responsibilities, details communication channels to determine how information should flow within the organization. A well-fitted organizational structure will have positive impacts on both its employees’ and its performance.

2. Organizational Structures
Organizational structures exist in two basic forms, the organic and the mechanistic, each contrastive of another (Burns & Stalker, 1961). Measured by four main elements of an organization’s characteristics; standardization, formalization, role specifications, and centralization of its operating unit, the time taken and frequency of future activities and change implementations are also taken into consideration.

Seen in Appendix 1, the diagram depicts the four elements an organization can structure itself.


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