Organizational Structure Of The Criminal Justice System

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Steve Jobs once said, “If you’re working on something exciting that you really care about. You don’t have to be pushed. The vision pulls you.” Criminal Justice Administration is all about the organizational structure of any corporation or organization in the criminal justice system. As a student at Campbell University it is required to hold an internship the summer before your senior year in the criminal justice program. Wunsch Law Firm has always allowed Campbell undergrads and law school students to hold internships within their firm. Throughout my internship experience, at Wunsch Law Firm, I kept Steve Job’s quote in mind. For the purpose of this paper I will discuss all observations about this organizations administrative structure using various variables, strengths, weaknesses, as well as any recommendations for improvement.
Wunsch Law Firm is located in Lillington, North Carolina. Its location is only a short drive from the courthouse, which makes it a convenient location. Attorney Jason Wunsch has built a solid reputation representing everyday working people in the areas of Personal Injury, Family Law, Criminal Law, Civil Litigation, Driving While Intoxicated and Traffic Violations. Chad Wunsch mainly focuses on Family Law. Their father works with them as well handling all the finances. Paige Powell is the legal assistant for the firm and does an outstanding job. Jessica Clark is Chad’s paralegal and in charge of the interns. Interns spent a majority of time in the

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