Organizational Structure Of The Organization

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Over the years, most organizations have been urged to consider changing their organizational structure so as to promote employee flexibility as well as empower them with the discretion of making decisions. As a result, organizations across the world have resorted to de-layering or flattening their organizational structures with the hopes of achieving employee flexibility and improving the operations of the organization as well. De-layering or flattening, in this case, refers to the elimination of certain layers in an organization’s hierarchy and the broadening of the span of control of managers. Research has indicated that pushing down the process of decision making to the lower organization levels not only makes employees responsible for their actions but also promotes accountability (Hirsch & De Soucey, 2006). It should, however,be noted that these changes in organizational structure have also left organizations in the midst of chaos. In fact, as organizations delayer their structure and downsize their labor force, employees, as well as managers, find themselves in working environments that have redefined their work as well as the corporate culture.
It has been argued that the primary objective of flattening organizational hierarchies which also includes the downsizing of the organization’s workforce is to encourage workers in the lower positions to participate in the decision-makingprocess of the organization. However, research has shown that in some cases, the

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