Organizational Structure Of The Organization

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Nowadays, with the rapid modernization of daily life and living standards increase quickly, people 's needs for quality of products and services therefore also increase. For this reason, enterprises need to set up the structure and policies to suit the changes of the market. One of the essential and most important factors to achieve that is the organizational structure. Organizational structure theory is especially useful for people who manage organizations, or who aspire to do so in the future. It enables the manager to see that his or her organization and its problems are rarely wholly unique. Usually, much of value can be learned from examining the behavior of other organizations in broadly similar circumstances. Organizations, especially large organizations are generally 'complex ', having many inter-related facets and areas that need to be coordinated, managed together to achieve efficiencies and effectiveness in achieving stated goals and objectives. Organizations also need to be 'adaptive ', they need to respond to ongoing changes in the environments in which they operate e.g. the political, economic and technological conditions that together form the environment in which organizations operate. However, before studying deeply on organizational structure, we need to know how important of having an organizational structure. That is the reason why we chose the topic: “The reasons why the organizational structure in any business is important” My composition is divided…
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