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Introduction Organizational culture is an important part of any organization, for this is the principles a company stand for. Without a strong, stable culture, an organization is sure to fail sooner than later. I will now discuss the subjects briefly mentioned in assignment 1.
1. The organizational culture of the organization where I work:
1.1. A) Definition of Organizational culture and 4 types of cultures.
Organizational culture refers to the shared values, norms, visions, symbols, beliefs, habit, working language between people sharing a working environment.
There are, according to (Greenberg, 2011) four types of organizational cultures that exist. …show more content…

In my company, new employees get a computer, which stays at the office at all times. This computer will have all the newest software on it, ensuring that the employee can do the tasks effectively without any discomfort.
Assimilation is step 3 of onboarding. The intern will now be allocated to a more experienced member. This member will show the intern around, showing him where everything is and given him a crash-course about what will be expected of him. The intern can now shadow the person to get the hang of things. Please do note that the newcomer is expected to have all the skills needed to obtain this job. Like the necessary degrees etc., which was considered before appointing the job to the person?
Acceleration: In this stage, new members engage in their working tasks, still learning as they go, but now they are able to feel comfortable in their working environment. In this stage the results are brought to the table and fairly employees now have the chance to perform and show everybody what their made of.

3. How my organizational culture can be improved:

Before discussing the stages I shall take to do so, there are a few core principles that should be in place.
Values are the first, which means the core values and believes of the company should be spelled out very clearly. All employees should know what the company stands for. Second are goals. When

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