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United States territories are territories which they control and have gotten through fighting a war or have bought them from a different country. When the U.S had no more land to expand on they looked for new land that they could own and control. The U.S has sixteen territories in total but they are put into different categories based on their situations. This territoires are called organized territories which can be either incorporated or unincorporated and unorganized territories which can also be incorporated or unincorporated. Even though the United States own them, they still go through challenges of their own they have to face.
The organized and unincorporated territories are Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico and the Virgin
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"Samoans don't get to be citizens but instead are American nationals" (CGP Grey, 2014). They can only become citizens if one of their parents is already a citizen or if they go through the naturalization process as if they are foreigners. The reason for it being this dated back to the twentieth century to what they called insular cases. In these cases, the courts try to distinguish between incorporated territories, which will soon get their statehood and unincorporated territories, which were taken in the Spanish American war. "The justices at the time were fairly open about the damage they saw in granting citizenship to uncivilized people" (Keating, 2014). Citizenship by born and so forth has been granted to the unincorporated and organized territories while American Samoa still waits their turn. "They are also still classified as an overseas possession" (Keating,…show more content…
Puerto Rico wants to become a state. The governor of this territory named Ricardo Rossello asked the government to recognize them as the fifty-one state. It's residents already voted yes for being admitted to the union; all Congress would have to do is sign off on it. If this decision were passed, it would help revive some of its economy. According to Michelle Gorman (2017)" The island is more than seventy billion dollars in debt because of a shift in U.S corporate tax policy over the course of the past decade." It will also help with school funding which took a big hit. More den one hundred and eighty schools will be shutting down soon because of funding issues. Some people are scared that accepting them will make the government take on to much responsibility for their economic crisis they are going through right now.
Another problem in the U.S territories is healthcare. The affordable care act doesn't help these areas because they don't receive money as the states do. Also, none of the territories have an insurance exchange. Sometime in July according to Jessica Pupillo (2014) "HHS announced that several of the law mandates would not apply to the territories." It also included that insurance companies only cover the essential healthcare needs and spend a percentage of premiums on those
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