Our Children And The Danger Of Fast Food

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Our Children and The Danger of Fast Food The popularity of fast food is spreading rapidly among many people, mostly due to the following three main reasons: good taste, convenience, and price. Also, fast food companies are smart in placing themselves in many different countries around the world. Regardless of location on the globe, fast food restaurants are available anywhere with similar food. There is no doubt that eating fast food has become a regular part of the diet. These meals contain high levels of calories and are devoid of nutrients, causing a lot of very serious health damage. Fast food plays a key role in diseases of this era, as it has been growing significantly during the last few years. It is also a fundamental reason for obesity, tooth decay, and intellectual deterioration, especially in children. Therefore, parents must take responsibly for how much fast food their children are consuming. One of the main diseases caused by fast food is childhood obesity, which is increasing among children day by day. A child will often run to all kinds of ready-made cuisine, from chips, soda, and sweets, as well as fast food, which tends to be taken up with his friends after lessons or when leaving with them. Childhood obesity is evolving as a major public health problem, which increases the risk of Type II Diabetes. Studies showed a link of being overweight with eating junk food, in addition to increasing the risk of Type II Diabetes, as a result of the…
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