Our Mental Health is Based on Emotions, Moods, and Reactions Essay

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Mental health is not the state of happiness, - its interaction both positive and negative emotions and moods. People try to develop and balance different sides of their “selves”. Our mental health depends more on our reactions to some factors and events. So, people, who have experienced psychological trauma, overcome their pain and fear only thanks to their inner base, optimistic attitude. But how about people, who are not too strong enough and is about to ruin their life; just because they have not enough this inner base to deal with troubles? If they are alone, and have no support from other people? Or even sometimes, when everything is on your head and you are so exhausted of these problems and you don’t see the way off? What will…show more content…
I think it could be a quasi-experiment study design. This research will help people to know what kind of music they need to listen in difficult life situation. Methods Participants: There were 50 people: 25 men and 25 women. Average age: 25. The youngest person was 19 years old, the oldest – 29. I choose people by their life situations: stressed and upset. Recently happened something that made their life’s harder to live, so they have to deal with everything by their own: death in family, lose job, expulsion from the university, betrayal, etc. The study was provided in 2 rooms with music: relaxed music without words and harder music with words that make us thinking about life. All of the participants were assured, that they would be given information about the general outcome of the study once it is over, if they leave their e-mail. Procedure: There were 2 groups of people and 2 rooms in which people were sitting in earphones alone. First group was listening to relaxed music, the second group – to harder. After listening song they were asked to write 3 words, that they are first found on a picture. {1} There were 7-minut songs. Results The results show
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