Outline For Cloning Research Paper

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De-Extinction or not? Outline
I. Introduction
a. Introduce some current cloning project in research
1. Wooly Mammoth
2. Tasmanian Tiger
3. Passenger pigeon
4. Bucardo
5. The Great Auk (Penguin)
b. Describe Cloning
II. History of Cloning:
a. When was the first restriction on cloning set… describe
b. Who was the first to start cloning and what regulations and or laws were there compared to today.
c. How did cloning come about? What gave science the hint that it is possible?
III. Arguments that Support Cloning Extinct Species
a. Describe how non-consequentialist theories play a role
b. Justice from anthropogenic distinction
c. Reestablishing Lost Value
d. Creating Value
e. Utilitarianism: Cloning extinct species can be better for the many in
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I believe it depends on the situation
2. There are ways to go about cloning extinct species that I think can be ethical and unethical.
Annotated Bibliography
Evans Ogden, L. (2014). Extinction Is Forever… Or Is It? Bioscience, 64(6), 469.

Evans discusses the ethical issues cloning extinct species and in addition show may examples of extinct species or soon to be extinct that are in the process of research. This scholarly article relates to most of my sources because it discusses the issues within each species that some of my other resources talk about. Relating sources with further my understanding of the cloning extinct species topic.

Fiester, A. (2005). Ethical Issues in Animal Cloning. Perspectives in Biology and medicine, Volume 48.3. Retrieved from http://muse.jhu/journals/perspectives_in _biology_and_medicine/v048/48.3fiester.html
Ethical arguments presented in this source include consequentialist theory based on the animal’s pain and suffering, slippery slope, statistics of survival, and what percent of our population is against cloning in general. The Science of Biotechnology has recognized cloning as a reoccurring science rather than a new one. The argument in favor for cloning consists of disease prevention. This source is useful as a background summary of the ethical dilemmas that arise in
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