Outline Of A Project Director

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3.4: Groundwork for Project: Each of the partners have cultivated numerous relationships with one another through a formal Memorandum of Understanding and have existing agreements with other local community organizations such as the Veterans Affairs Administration, First Nations Community Health Source and The Tribal Court Consortium. The timeline reflects providing services no later than 4 months after grant award. 3.5: Staff positions for the project: • Project Director (Ana-Lisa Montoya Torres): The Project Director will be responsible for all aspects of the project coordination, documentation, compliance and reporting including completing the quarterly performance measures and the financial reports. The PD will attend the annual grantee meetings, ensure that GPRAs are completed in a timely fashion, manage all communication with SAMHSA and oversee all contract employees (.15 FTE – in-kind). • Clinical Supervisor (Hartwell Dowling): The Clinical Supervisor will work closely with the Project Director to oversee the implementation of proposed grant activities, identify evidence-based and promising practice treatment methods, services and supports, and work with the evaluators to develop performance standards. Mr. Dowling will also attend the grantee meetings (.10 FTE – in-kind). • Program Managers (Andres Garcia and Gary Markel): The Program Managers are responsible for direct supervision of probation staff, monitor whether or not the program is meeting its short and

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