Outline a Plan That Will Assess the Effectiveness of the Market Structure for the Company’s Operations.

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Performance Support System is “an optimized body of integrated on-line and off-line methods and resources providing what performers need, when they need it, in the form they need it in, so that they can perform in ways that meet organizational objectives” ( Villachica and Stone, 1999) The goal of using a performance support system is expert-like performance from day 1 with little or no training. With the issues facing Brown County in regards to employee time card fraud, the Brown County Board of Commissioners consulted a group of external change agents to do a cost benefit analysis and needs assessment on if a performance system would eliminate the problems facing the Brown County and if so, which system would fit best with the…show more content…
Yet, department summary sheets didn’t always match timesheets, or handwriting was illegible, requiring clarification. Knowledge management aspect of a PSS “is about capturing and disseminating intellectual capital and expertise, especially in environments characterized by change or when key workers are leaving and taking vital knowledge with them.” (Gary Dickelman, 2004) Knowledge Management includes searching databases and the collection and dissemination of best practices. The Kronos System is completely automated and easy to use. Because it delivers the high-quality information Brown County needs to make better decisions. The automated processing and self-service tools give employees access to up-to-date time, attendance, and leave information, greatly reducing calls to payroll. And multiple pay rules are automatically and accurately applied, helping ensure that employees are paid correctly. Time previously spent manually calculating timesheets is now devoted to analysis and oversight. The next step in building the performance support system around the implementation of the Kronos System would be to develop a community of practice. A community of practice is a group created to capture and share expertise, methods, tools and techniques around the Kronos System. “Members are generally self-selected and share an evolving culture, language, vocabulary, stories, and agreement on the best practices.

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