Marketing Plan For A Marketing Strategy Essay

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Launched as a fast-fashion women’s e-tailer in 2009, is now an empowering, bold and forward-thinking online fashion brand inspired by real-life. The brand aims to create an online fashion destination that encompasses and celebrates everything it means to be a girl in a digital immersed world today (, 2016). This is through offering consumers affordable fashion that is informed by its consumers and global influencers in the likes of: celebrities, social media, YouTubers, bloggers and catwalk fashion. This gives the firm a pioneering advantage of introducing new collections, approximately 25% of its range every month (CCI, 2016) faster than its competitors (Boohoo, Pretty Little Thing and Asos). Missguided’s marketing strategy is its quick response to the market, launch of collaborative fashion lines, flash half price sales and discounts are the key growth of the brand as it increases the brand’s profile to a much wider audience (Wallis, 2014). ). It is clear, that Missguided are intending to create positive brand associations and positive brand attitude through its extensive marketing actions. I will critically explore how Missguided influence its consumers through its marketing strategy by using selected consumer behaviour theories, using two marketing actions as an example to analyse how the brand uses marketing activity to stimulate a consumer response. Additionally, I will analyse the theories through its usefulness and limitations in today’s changing

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