Outline of the Concept of Genetic Manipulation

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The purpose of the report is to outline the concept of genetic manipulation, which is an all-inclusive term that describes the deliberate manipulation of the genetic material by biochemical techniques. It is also referred to as genetic modification or genetic engineering. These are the terms for the process of manipulating the genes, usually outside organisms natural reproductive process. It involves, isolation, manipulation and reintroduction. In this report the type of genetic manipulations that will be discussed are selective breeding in the plants in order to produce desired characteristics. The case study that covers selective breeding in the report is on Red Fleshed Apple. On the other hand, transgenesis in animals is the other type of genetic manipulation being covered which means taking a gene from one species and inserting it into another. The case study organism explaining transgenesis in animals will be transgenic cow.


Case study done on Red-Fleshed Apples

Selective breeding also called artificial selection is the process by which according to human need, animals and plants are bred for particular traits. The main aim for doing selective breeding is to pass the desired traits on to the future generations and in an attempt to produce offspring with improved traits. The techniques involved in selective breeding include In breeding, line breeding and outcrossing. Few steps involved in selective breeding are:

- Decided which characteristics are

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