Over Consumptions Leads to Economic Inequality and Poverty

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The global society that the world has is a blend of production, exportation, and consumption. In moments of crisis people believe a solution is to go and buy things and take part in a consumer system, these beliefs are reinforced by advertisements, and as a result America and other capitalist societies have become addicted to consumption. But have these people ever wondered what over consumption is really doing to the world’s economy? Or how it affects everyone by leading to economic inequality and poverty! Over consumption in America contributes to worldwide poverty. “Each person in the industrialized world uses as much commercial energy as ten people in a developing country.” Western cultures, specifically America have large consumer societies and although it has raised the standard of living for several people, it has also caused economic challenges for many others. Globalization has been a great way of connecting our world together, but with the export of jobs overseas to countries with high poverty rates such as China, Mexico, and India etc. it has caused these countries to become regressive. Jobs are exported to other countries because of the cheap labor that is provided there. For instance, if a company moves their location overseas to China they can pay the Chinese workers for their services significantly less than they would need to pay their previous employees in America. This system is damaging to Americans and the citizens in other countries. Americans lose

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