Overcoming the Challenges of Diversity

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Running head: OVERCOMING CHALLENGES OF DIVERSITY Overcoming Challenges of Diversity The forming of a high-performance and cohesive team is a delicate process that when done properly can reap great results. According to the text Tools for Teams, “effective teams go through three basic phases: formation, development, and renewal.”(Thompson, Aranda &, Robbins, 2000, p. 56) Each phase can prevent great challenges for each individual member of the team. It is an even greater challenge when team members are very diverse due to different personality traits, and differences in skills and abilities, as well as values and attitudes. Adding extra burden is strain brought on by geographical differences. These very challenges can be used as …show more content…

As the saying goes "we are the product representation of our cultural experience." Milton Rokeach, developed a well known set of values classified into two broad categories, Terminal values and Instrumental values. Terminal values reflect a person’s goals that they would like to achieve in their life. Instrumental values are how you may go about achieving those goals. For example: a Terminal Value may be "world peace", and a Instrumental value may be "ambitious (hardworking)." Attitudes are influenced by values, and come from the same source groups as values. The definition of attitude is a predisposition to respond in a positive or negative way to someone or something in one's environment. When you say that you like or dislike someone or something, you are expressing an attitude. An attitude is something that is intangible, for no one ever sees, touches, or isolates an attitude. Beliefs, and values are antecedents in the figure form of a cognitive component of an attitude. Beliefs represent ideas about something or someone and the conclusions people draw about them. Beliefs and values create feelings that influence intended behavior. For instance, an attitude results in intended behavior, but this intention may or may not be executed on. The more specific values and attitude are in a team environment, the stronger the work group team can be. Geographical Differences There are many differences between the four geographical differences: Rural

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