Overpopulation Is A Foremost Challenge That Humans Face Today

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A Debate over Overpopulation Overpopulation is a foremost challenge that humans face today. According to www.Worldometeres.info, the human population is heading to 7.5 billion, and at our current birthrate, we are adding nearly one billion more people every twelve years. Issues such as dependence on natural resources, degradation of the environment, poverty, and unemployment, are root issues caused by overpopulation. Though opponents of this theory, such as Erle C. Ellis, use archaeological records and the history of human evolution to argue against overpopulation. Robert Walker, on the other hand, disagrees. He uses scientific explanation to anticipate that all living beings on earth are under torment as they die off due to erosion of fundamental natural resources such as food and water. Next, Alon Tal argues that carrying capacity will be at a standstill as the population continues to rise, so we need to prepare ourselves for overpopulation. Finally, Joel Kotkin claims that an exiguous amount of babies will cause economic hardship, which will, in turn, cause the economic annihilation of societies; there are too few young people to replace the elderly workers. This essay will review the claims of issues and effects of overpopulation made by the authors mentioned above. In “Overpopulation is Not the Problem,” Erle C. Ellis makes the claim that humans are always adapting to population growth, as they did in the past according to archeological records. Besides, people do not
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