PATH Supports the Health of Developing Countries

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There are many organizations out there directed at the support and health of struggling developing countries around the globe. PATH is one of the leaders at the forefront as an International Non-governmental Organization focused as their slogan says “Driving transformative innovation to save lives” (PATH). This 40 year old organization that was started in the mid-1970s by Gordon Duncan, Rich Mahoney, and Gordon Perkin Focusing on the distribution of contraceptive technologies and supplies has grown to a multi-divisional non-profit organization. PICAT or Program for the Introduction and Adaptation of Contraceptive Technology, emerged from a small apartment in Seattle with a donation from the Ford foundation, has become the international organization known as PATH. This Organization with it’s Growth continues to outgrow it’s name, starting with the expansion away from only providing access to contraceptives around the world to developing new fields in healthcare for primarily woman and children in developing countries. As PATH was known as an acronym meaning “Program for Appropriate Technology in Health”(PATH FAQs) they are now as of 2014 simply PATH. Their definition of PATH today is “transformative innovation that save lives and improves health, especially among women and children. We stand for accelerating innovation and making the world a more equitable place”. Within PATH there are four main subdivisions of focus; education, health technology, Maternal and child

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