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PIP Assessment-Ben Hall

Ben Hall is believed be been born in Maitland, New South Wales on the 9th of May 1837. His parents were both ex-convicts, Eliza Somers and Benjamin Hall, who sadly passed away in 1951 which explains why he robbed many different people in New South Wales, and became one of Australia’s most wanted bushrangers that Australia has ever had, to date.

Ben then became a stockman and sold cattle to all of the miners on the diggings at Lambing Flat. Be was known as a hard working and honest man who never gave up if e was given a task. Ben caught wild cows and wild horses that were located in nearby hills. Ben Hall began running his own butcher shop in 1852 in a small town near Murrurundi, but he started getting into trouble with the local police for stealing horses and cattle. Later on in life, he got married to a lady named Bridget Walsh in Bathurst.

In 1862, his life was then changed forever as his wife left him for another man and took their son, Henry with her. He went back to his home to find that his farm had been burnt down along with a large sum of his farm. He also came back to find all of his cattle and livestock dead of starvation as they had cruelly been left in the stockyards. Hall then lost interest in cattle and saw no need to live as he became closer to Frank Gardiner, a commonly known bushranger in the area.

He then started to get himself in to trouble with the police when he was arrested for highway robbery, but was released when
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