Pacifism In Ww2 Essay

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Pacifism is a viewpoint in which there exists an opposition to a war, militarism, or violence. The term pacifism was adopted by a diverse range of peace activists at the Universal Peace Congress taking place in 1901. During World War II, Pacifist efforts in Europe tried to prevent another costly war which would deteriorate the European nations. In the democracies, pacifists were able to influence public policy in order to undercut military spending and reduce the likelihood of the declaration of war. Socialist parties sought universal welfare, thus assisted in reducing the amount of military spending. Although not entirely due to pacifist ideals, the United States was initially against intervention in the war. In 1941, the United States decided to associate themselves with the allied powers and joined the conflict. Although very limited, pacifist efforts played a significant role in influencing the war. In order to measure the overall satisfaction and impact of pacifist movements throughout the war, a survey was distributed to 30 well-educated respondents as to whether or not they believed pacifism was an effective point-of-view during World War II. The …show more content…

It involved a majority of the world's largest nations and eventually led to the formation of two opposing martial alliances: the Allied powers and the Axis powers. World War II was one of the most demoralizing armed conflicts in history, and directly involved millions of combatants from more than 60 countries. The war had a devastating effect that caused the death of numerous amounts of people. Many civilians died as a result of collateral damage, famine, and malicious attempts of mass murder.
Although the war was primarily seen as inevitable, many parties actually opposed participation and intervention in the war. This notion resulted in the pacifist movement during World War II. Pacifist intentions varied from Europe to the United

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