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As a child she fell in love with fashion and was obsessed in playing dressed up. Her mother taught her how to match different clothes and made her own jewelry from beads and marbles. “Padpud”, as a child, has been making all kinds of Barbie doll clothes and jewelries. Little did she know back then that through her powerful inner reality, she would be growing up as a fashion influencer. The world with advanced technology and powerful social media has given rise to a new career that people haven’t yet familiar themselves with. “Influencer” is an individual with the power to affect purchase decision of other people because of their perceived beauty, style, fashion, and knowledge. Platforms such as instagram gained its power in just a few years and creating a new marketing genre that brands has …show more content…

“I had an opportunity to meet P’Ploy, who is now my personal manager.” She said. P’Ploy is the person who introduced her to instagram and since she was a university cheerleader, lots of people were already interested in her personal life After a few years, she has the power to attract almost hundred thousands of likes for instagram post of her gilded lifestyle and 409K followers that were almost next to impossible. Since then Padpud has become the darling of the influencer industry and she has carved a successful business from her followers and fans. She was able to maintain fan base on her photo-sharing platform and make money by publishing pictures of herself. “I tried to find rare stuffs that haven’t been worn by anyone before and I always catch up with the latest trend, especially the cute items.” she says. “That’s probably one of the reason why so many people keeps their eyes on my social media all the time. They are always curious about what I wear and where did I get those stuffs. Now I got multiple gifts everyday, brands are sending me their products, hoping that I would post them on

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