Parenting : The Right Way

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Kassidi Davies Professor Morrison ENG 1101 2 October 2015 Parenting the Right Way Every parent has a different preference on how they want to raise their children, some more strict then others but all attempting to get their children ready for the “real world” as some call it. There are three types of parenting, all very different; one being permissive, another being authoritative, and the last being authoritarian. Often parents are known to suggest ideas to other parents on how they should discipline, which more times than not is taken offensively. Many people argue which is the better way to raise a well-mannered successful child. The argument about how parenting should be done is very opinion based, being that all children are different and have to be treated accordingly. “Permissive parenting is sometimes known as indulgent parenting; it is a care free style of parenting” (Cherry). This type of parent asks very little of their kids and has very low expectations when it comes to learning self-discipline and gaining maturity. Most children wish they had parents like these because they are very lenient and have little to no consequences. However, this causes children to be spoiled, which is a high demanding child that expects their parents to do everything for them and buy whatever they want. Permissive style parents are more like a friend to their child rather than an authoritative parent. In some ways that is an exceptional thing because the children feel like they can

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