Parents Must Make A Good Parent

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Parents serve no purpose. Parents provide no help. Parents give no benefits to children. Children could easily live without parents. Everyone has parents; it’s inevitable. Whether or not children believe that their parents behave in a way to benefit them is a decision they choose to make. These statements differ from reality, parents truly represent some of the greatest people in our world; they do serve a purpose and they impact their children immensely. For some children, they may see the discipline from their parents as their parents failing at their jobs. In actuality, parents need to discipline to structure their children into mature adults. They need to show love and forgiveness even though sometimes it may seem impossible. Children will become the future and parents hold responsibility for that. Therefore, parents must mold them into adults that our future needs. A good parent should model three essential qualities: forgiveness, discipline, and love.
The first essential quality includes a good parent modeling forgiveness. For example, my grandmother spent the majority of her relationship with her husband, my grandfather, battling against alcohol. Countless times, she fought against my grandfather and his addiction to alcohol. After 15 years and five children, my grandfather gave up fighting against alcohol, and he won; he became sober. My grandmother didn’t give up, she didn’t back down, and she didn’t throw away their marriage; she forgave. Their marriage may not

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