Parsons Dance Company At Midlands Technical College Essay

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On Friday Novemeber 18,, 2016, I came across the opportunity to see Parsons Dance Company perform in Harbison Theater at Midlands Technical College. Parsons Dance Company, founded by David Parson, is a modern based company resided in New York City. This company is very well known for creating and performing contemporary American Dance and enjoys reaching out to diverse audiences. Parsons Dance Company was founded in 1985 after being known for its energized, athletic, and ensemble work. In addition to David Parson’s artistic choice, the company has collaborated with a variety of iconic artists such as Billy Taylor, Donna Karan, and Alex Katz. Aside the background of the company, Parsons Dance offers summer workshops that last for four weeks along with open rehearsals, studio showcases, and open company classes. Within the performance of Friday night, there were six pieces of art performed known as “Finding Center”, “Hand Dance”, “Swing Shift”, “Kind of Blue”, “Caught”, and “Nascimento” that involved partner work, lighting, props, and costume changes.
The first piece of the performance, “Finding Center”, considered movement of finding the center of gravity. The movement consisted of interweaving through each other with chaîné turns, low runs, and double attitude leaps as six dancers, three females and three males, moved through the space of a small stage. The costumes designed by Naomi Luppescu were grey short dresses and grey t-shirts with dance pants for the men. The music

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