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Part A: Experience Description
On a cold morning in March of 2014, I exited Museum subway station and entered the staff doors at the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) for my first day of work as a Gallery Assistant for the March Break children’s programs. I was nervously excited about the position since I had been given a vague description of my duties in the interview but hadn’t received any training. Still, I needed a job to help pay for my upcoming university tuition and I was going to be paid well. In addition, I liked the ROM as a child and had volunteered there in the past, so I figured that I could make money while helping kids enjoy the ROM like I had.
My supervisor Kiron greeted me, and instructed me to proceed to the 3rd floor gallery …show more content…

My only further interaction with Kiron was at the end of the week when he simply said goodbye. I later found out that the ROM often used this tactic of hiring without training so they wouldn’t have to hire employees back in subsequent sessions despite my volunteer experience. Still, I had a positive experience at the ROM where I helped children appreciate the ROM and I built some great relationships with my volunteers, despite my chronic stress while working there.
Part B: Experience Analysis
Vroom’s expectancy theory of motivation has three related components; effort, performance, and reward. It states that people desire rewards they believe can be achieved by putting forth acceptable performance, and that acceptable performance can be achieved by putting forth sufficient effort. In the theory, expectancy is the thought that effort leads to performance, instrumentality is the thought that performance leads to rewards, and valence is the degree that an individual values the rewards. In essence, expectancy links effort and performance, and instrumentality links performance and rewards. If a person has high expectancy, instrumentality, and valence, they will be highly motivated (Nelson, 2015). At the ROM, I wanted to help children enjoy their visit and make extra money for university. Since I needed the money, and I remembered visiting

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