Parts and Functions of Macromedia Flash

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Parts and Functions of M. F.
The Menu Bar is aimed to make easier the access to different program features. It is similar to any other web or graphic designer program, although it has some particularities. Let's see the main Submenus you can access to:
File: It allows creating, opening and saving archives… Import has exceptional power; it inserts to the current movie nearly all types of archives (sounds, videos, images and even Flash movies) or the Publication Settings option from which you can modify the characteristics of the publications. It also enables to configure the printing pages, print them, etc…
Edit: It is a classic menu that allows you to Cut, Copy, Paste… objects or as well images or frames; it also allows you to customize
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Dimensions: They fix the size of the movie. The smallest size is of 1 x 1 px (pixels) and the biggest one is of 2880 x 2880 px.
Match: It causes the coincidence of the movie with the selected size
Background Color: The color selected here will be the one of the entire movie.
Frame Rate: Or the number of frames per second that appear at the movie.
Ruler units: Unit used to measure the quantities.
Make Default: Allows to store the properties of the current document and to apply them to all the new created documents from this moment. These properties could be changed from this panel whenever you wish them to. The Zoom Tool is used to approach or move away the object view, allowing to include more or less zone of the Work Area. Every time we click in the Zoom Tool we duplicate the percentage indicated in the Zooms Panel. | Zooms Panel: It is a set of direct accesses to the View's submenus. They are very useful and help to accelerate the work when they are used correctly.The Panels are command sets grouped according their function (for example, all that makes references to the actions, will be in the "Actions" Panel). It's mission is to simplify and facilitate the commands use.All of them will be studied deeply during the course. Even so, we'll name them and summarize the functions of most of them. Align Panel: It places the objects like we indicate to it. It is very useful.Color Mixer Panel: Using this panel we'll create the colors that we like more.Color

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