Past Approach For Negotiating : Negotiation

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Past approach to negotiating Most people find confrontation uncomfortable and I’m no exception. Therefore, I tend to avoid situations that require me to negotiate for I see negotiation as a negative experience. If I have no choice but to engage in a negotiation, I often try to go along with whatever the other party is saying to avoid unnecessary confrontations or conflicts. Working in a retail bank forced me to engage in negotiations on a daily basis since every encounter with a client is essentially a negotiation. As a financial advisor, it is very common for me to have to negotiate a rate with the client for either a mortgage or a loan. I was trained to offer the client the target rate first and then adjust accordingly if the client asks …show more content…

Outside of work, when I have to negotiate with friends or family, I am usually very stubborn and can be easily aggravated if things don’t go according to my plans. I usually just keep reiterating my point of view until the other party agree with me. It is extremely hard for me to take no for an answer and I won’t stop persuading the other party until they finally give in and agree with me. To become better at negotiation… After reflecting on the various negotiations I was engaged in prior to the course, I find it interesting that my approach to strangers and close friends or family is completely opposite and neither is perfect. It would help if I balance it out a little by being nicer to family and friends and be more assertive with strangers. I think it is important for me to start looking at negotiations as a positive experience instead of associating it with negative confrontations or conflict. Negotiations are simply an exchange of information that can help me and the other party achieve an amicable solution or outcome. What went wrong with my approach was that I often settle for too little and end up with terms that are worse than my current situation. By constantly avoiding negotiations, I am actually missing out many potential opportunities to achieve my personal goals. This is probably why I always regret after I make a decision to agree without even trying to negotiate with the other party. When negotiating rates

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