Patient Latest: A Case Study

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After receiving a transplant, Martin Clarke has came up with an idea to help lighten to the emotional burden of patients who stay in hospital for long periods of time.

When Martin underwent a bone marrow transplant at Newcastle’s Freeman Hospital in 2013, the 52-year-old found himself overwhelmed by phone calls from concerned friends and relatives.

Martin Clarke, Founder of Patient Latest.

Many patients are exhausted from their illnesses, answering calls and replying to texts can be overwhelming. Also their next of kin, after spending a tiresome day at the hospital they then ring repeating the same message on updates on how the patients doing. It's not only patients who are overwhelmed with messages
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Loved ones can read a patient latest update message and leave a message in return to if they wish. No one other than the user and friends will be given the opportunity to read any of the messages that are left in the secure message posting area.Not does this mean that patients can focus their time and energy on recovery, but people who care about them will be able to put their minds at ease quickly and easily.

Martin, who is currently undergoing chemotherapy and knows he may well have to spend time in hospital for another marrow transplant in the future, knows first-hand the benefits his website may bring and hopes it will go on to help many people at a difficult time in their lives.

Martin believes that patients or next of kin will save an enormous amount of time and money simply by using this site. As pricey phone bills and credit running out should not be a worry when patients are going through a fearful time in hospital. The site is completely free without any hidden costs and no strings attached. It's a non profitable site set by an inspirational man who from his own experience is trying to help improve the hospital
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