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Running head: Tracer Summary 1 Patient 453355 Tracer at Nightingale Community Hospital Patient Tracer Summary 2 Patient 453355 Tracer at Nightingale Community Hospital To provide an accurate assessment of the systems and processes for the delivery of care, treatment, and services at the Nightingale Community Hospital, weekly patient chart reviews of patient medical cases is performed using The Joint Commission tracer methodology for a thorough review of current services and possible deficiencies. Recently, the medical record for patient 453355 was reviewed in order to trace their care through departments and services at the hospital. This patient was recently admitted to the hospital with a post-op wound infection and…show more content…
The stickers will capture the critical value being called, time and date called, and by whom the information was called to and received from, along with the date and time, and that the information was read back for accuracy. To document the read back process, there will be a box to check to verify that the read back process was completed at each point of the communication process for communicating critical values. It will also contain the same information for documentation of calling the critical value information to the patient 's primary care practitioners. The task force team was able to identify the issue, improve the process and choose a reasonable timeline to roll out the improved communication process. It has been communicated to all hospital leaders that the updated communication of critical values will be rolled out in four weeks with all clinical areas of the hospital responsible for educating their department staff through in-services and staff meetings prior to the roll out. To ensure compliance with the revised process and the read back process, the method of collecting data will be a random review of 10 critical value reports in the EMR each month in each clinical area with the scores of each area being provided to the performance improvement department for review and feedback. To ensure the best patient safety, the compliance goal will be 100% of all

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