Payrolls Case Study

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Sure. I will try my best not to make this long. Thank you in advance for your understanding. On payrolls centered mainly around 9/15, 9/30 and some on 10/15 and 11/15, 17 people total (not all on the same payroll) either contributed less or more to their 403B than what was entered in a spreadsheet that was sent to PFP (the 403B administration company). After I gave PFP access to Paycheck to prevent Tonya from having to manually input all voluntary deductions for those participating in the 403B, PFP carried out a check to verify the total amount contributed to then share with me the total match and what remains to be spread across all participants. During the check, what employees contributed versus what was reported in the spreadsheet showed…show more content…
Tonya then goes into the system and enter the deduction, whether a fixed amount or %. The error was created in the spreadsheet that was reported to PFP. Overall PFP withdrew from PPCS's agency account less than what it should have. Tonya in theory should goes into paychecks check the deductions for each employee and reports to the information PFP. Somehow the data that was entered during the dates mentioned had deduction amounts that were different from what actually happened. Ultimately, employee are not affect because the amount that should have been deducted from their paycheck actually happened. PFP on the other hand used the spread with apx 17 errors of hundreds of other entries and withdrew either less or more for one of the 17 participants to deposit on the employees behalf. Solution: PFP now has the correct information for the 17 people and has access to view deduction directly from Paychecks. PFP will withdraw for the school's accounts what should have actually been withdrawn for the employees that were reported lower. Conversely, PFP will issue the school a refund for those they withdrew funds for that were report to have contributed higher than they actually
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