Peer Mentoring: Horizontal Hostility In Nursing

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Wendy Maurer
Instructor Mays
English 122
8 February 2016
Horizontal Hostility in Nursing
Workplace violence and hazing is problem in almost every profession, but in nursing it could potentially put a life in danger. Nursing students are not warned about “nurses eat their young” sometimes until it is too late. If you get lucky you get to experience it during your clinical rotation where you have your instructor to back you up or you have the other students that are still your friends. It is always an eye opener when the nurse you are buddied up with during your clinical calls you “student” for the whole day because she cannot be expected to remember every student’s name. It is times like these you do not want to go to your instructor and …show more content…

and Ringl MSN RN, Karen “Combating Workplace Violence with Peer Mentoring” Nursing Management (Sept 2013). In this article they talk about a 5 year study they conducted with two different hospitals. The participants had to volunteer for the program, mentors and mentees. They were made to take classes involving communication, professionalism, conflict, team building, financial challenges and decision making. Extra classes for the mentors also included feedback, relationship phases and completing the relationship phase. Though the participants in the study showed a better retention rate the study was conducted in two similar hospitals in the same area and needs to be extended to include all types of hospitals over a more vast area. The mentors and mentees were asked to keep a journal. The mentees and some mentors still thought they experienced some workplace intimidation and stress. I think these authors are reliable sources for this article because Ms. Latham and Ringl are nursing instructors at Fullerton Nursing School and Mr. Hogan is a professor of Anthropology and Human Services. The sources used were all current and medically centered. It is a current article, published in 2013. I am using this article to see if the idea of more education for mentors and mentees help with the problem of horizontal hostility towards new …show more content…

This article has a little more of the history of nurse bullying and talks more about the self-esteem in early nursing and the change of self-esteem throughout the years due to the increased respect nurses are shown now than in the early years. The author speaks more of person experience and experiences of others. It touches on the absentee rates of nurses that are bullied. There is also mention of the bullying during clinical rotations, which makes bullying in nursing learned. We must overcome bullying by increasing our self-esteem, look at your-self first and reeducate ourselves. The sources for this article are current and appropriate for this article; there are some I am going to check to see if they will be more useful to me. The article was accepted by peer review. The author is creditable as she is the Associate Professor, Loretto Heights School of Nursing in Denver

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