Peer-Peer Learning Experience Essay

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I believe that learning is enhanced when it is student centered and takes place in an environment which, is safe, interactive and collaborative that promotes problem-solving, skill perfecting and critical thinking. With that said, I think that each nursing student and novice nurse is a unique individual who needs a healthy working environment in which to learn and grow. It is my desire as a nursing educator, a clinical instructor to help these students and nurses, both novice and advanced, to meet their fullest potential by providing an environment that is safe, supportive, empowering, satisfying, and calls for a contribution of ideas. The following are three elements that I believe are beneficial to establish such an environment, (1) the nursing educator/instructor acting as a resource, (2) fostering critical thinking skills, and (3) promoting respect and safety for all. As a nursing educator, my role is to guide and to provide access to information. For the student or novice nurse to build knowledge, it is essential to have the opportunity to discover for themselves and practice skills in authentic situations. Offering them access to practical activities…show more content…
By letting nurses have a voice in class or clinical setting, this will help them benefit the peer-peer learning experience. This is accomplished not only by improving the course or topic material with personal experiences and knowledge but also because they take accountability for their own learning therefore increasing and integrating new knowledge into practice. When it comes to clinical skills, I believe in a “see one, do one and teach one” approach. If for some reason, students need to see or practice certain skill more than once, I am readily available to standby and confidently walk them through that demonstration
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