People Do Not Have Free Will Essay

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In this paper I argue that humans do not have free will. I support this conclusion with two principle reasons: free will does not come into play when people meet a sudden and untimely death, not to mention, people have no say in the matter of how they are born.
For so long, the topic of God has sparked up in philosophical debates…
We can all agree that when we think of God, we imagine this all perfect entity, meaning he is this omnibenevolent, omnipotent, and omniscient being. Though, in relation to the problem of evil, this is not possible—with the existence of evil in the world, God can only be two out of the three aforementioned traits. Since there is evil, God is either, (1) all-knowing and all-powerful but does not care about stopping evil, (2) all-powerful and all-good but does not know when evil will happen, or (3) all-good and all-knowing but lacks the power to stop said evil. Either way, it would be a contradiction for both evil and an omnibenevolent, omnipotent, and omniscient being to exist.
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It claims people have the ability to do either good or evil and evil (that is, moral evil) happens when people use their free-will and voluntarily choose to commit acts of evil instead of good deeds. Thus, based on this, God is not responsible for evil, we are. However, I digress, saying humans do not have free will because of sudden deaths. Let's take, for instance, someone dying in their sleep. You cannot say the person did that out of his/her own free will; it is not as if the person chose to go to bed last night with the intention of passing away during their slumber. God, not the person in question, chose to cut the person's life short, thus there is no such thing as free
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