Pepsico Case Study Paper

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Project topic: An analyze and evaluate the business and financial performance of the PepsiCo for the years 2013-2016.
Research Methodology:
1.0 Introduction:
The purpose of this chapter is to set out the approaches adopted during data collection and data analysis.
1.1 Purpose of research:
This study aims to investigate and evaluate the financial performance of PepsiCo Company and investigate PepsiCo's business over specific years which are 2013-2016.
1.2 Research objectives:
The following are the key objectives to ensure the above purpose achieved:
*Analyze the effects of financial ratios on PepsiCo over 2013-2016.
*Analyze the sustainability issues which impacts PepsiCo's profitability.
*To analyze the level of dividend on shareholders …show more content…

*Quantitative method defined as testing something and measuring it by numbers.
*Mixed process it is a combination of collecting both qualitative and quantitative data.
Driscoll, Yeboah, Salib, & Rupert, (2007) discussed the advantages and disadvantages of qualitative and quantitative methods. For example, the benefit of qualitative is the researcher will get more detailed data with a lot of written descriptions because the respondent will have the freedom to answer. But the disadvantage is it will take a longer time to do. On the other hand, for the quantitative method the strength of this technique that the researcher can measure the data and analyze it by using statistics, but it has weakness such as it needs a large number of populations to reach to more accurate …show more content…

For instance: interviews, questionnaire, observation techniques, rating scale, case study, and others. According to the study, I will use case study tool. I can collect both qualitative and quantitative data from annual reports of PepsiCo Company. Also, some articles about their shareholder's dividend and retained earnings, sustainability issues and their company marketing mix strategy will also obtain.
2.3 Data collection:
Dudovskiy (2016) Considered information about the two type of data collection which are primary and secondary. Firstly, he mentioned that primary source is about data which will be collected newly for a specific purpose. Because there wasn't data like it before, so no one distributes it. However, secondary data referred to the information which published in books, newspapers, magazines or any other websites. In this study, the secondary source will be conducted. These data are from different sites like the morning star, stock analyses on the net, marketing teacher, and PepsiCo's website.

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