Perfection Is An Illusion Organization

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There is no perfect organization. Perfection is an illusion. The ultimate aim of an organization is to pursue being perfect in everything it does. This paper discusses how organizational variables such as strategy, values, culture, employees, groups, emotions, systems, personality, organizational design, and leadership behavior drive any organization toward perfection. It will show that only when an organization works together, through aligning employees – their strengths and weaknesses – with the organization’s vision and goals, can progress towards perfection be made and maintained. It will demonstrate the ideal organizational structure created for as close to perfection as possible.
The Makings of the Perfect Organization 4
The Makings of the Perfect Organization The Individual in the Organization
Trying to achieve perfection is quit engaging especially for organizations. Skilled people are the ultimate drivers of business success. More than any other attribute - processes, systems, machines or products - human capital drives performance and therefore success. In today 's knowledge - and service-based economy, your talent - the people with specialized skills and knowledge - is often the only thing that sets you apart from the competition (Britnell, Aaserud, & Beaton, 2006).
Diversity in Organizations
As organizations continue to extend their reach in the universal marketplace, distinct care is taken to reverence and appreciate diversity in the workplace. The
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