Performance Management At The Hospital System

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Performance management issues can become present in a workplace at any time. I have recently seen three issues take place at the hospital system that I work in. The first is turnover of leadership with no trained replacements. The second is having poor management in the clinics. The last example is the removal of trained employees by the software implementation team. Challenges can be cross training, experienced employee hiring, and the stopping of trained employee removal. The threats are no one knows how to perform the job, failure of company, and making mistakes. In the selected article, it goes into detail to explain the aspects of performance management (Pollitt, 2013). It explains that motivation, rewards, feedback, and goals are …show more content…

No one completely understood what this person was doing on a day to day basis. This was because no one had been involved with this particular position. When this person decided to leave the position, it created chaos. There was no one completely qualified for the position. Another person in the department was promoted to the position. The new person in the position had no experience in the area. It became stressful for everyone that was involved. Others were having to pick up the slack in work that this person did not understand. Even though no one was totally qualified, there were others that did understand the area better than the person that was promoted. The next example that I will write about is the management of some of the clinics in the system. The issue has been that no one has managed the clinics long. Usually the management is let go due to poor outcome. People that had been hired have always wanted to make drastic changes and expect to see results quickly. Of course, it takes time and steps to see the results that new management expects to see. The last example that I would like to discuss is the effects of software transitions. We are currently in the middle of a software installation. In order for this to occur, many of the system employees have changed over to the software implementation team. This means that many departments in the hospital have been forced to hire new people. The new employees have struggled to understand the

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