Ghana Performance Management Essay

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Performance Management at the University of Ghana
The Balme library at the University of Ghana as implemented a performance management (PM) system to serve their diverse customer base. However, there have been issues with the PM system that was put in place. Some issues are the lack of a job analysis, employees are rated on vague items, and management does not work with the employees with feedback or development. Out of these issues the most important one is the lack of training and development by the managers. This issue can cause the greatest amount of trouble with the performance management system that is being implemented by the Balme library.
Management Feedback and Development
`Without the support of the management team the PM system on a direct path for failure. The management team helps to develop, train, and motivated the employees (Hofstede, 1993). Management is involved with every step in the PM system, from the prerequisites to the performance renewal and recontracting steps (Aguinis, 2013). Management in the United States plays a very important role in motivating and managing employees (Hofstede, 1993). To have this very critical factor removed from the PM system will have detrimental consequences that can lead to issues for not only the library but the university as a whole.
Impact on Performance Management Process as a Whole
Without the support of the management team the entire PM system will negatively impact on the flow of the system. The first step of the

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