Persepolis Sociology

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Persepolis is a 2007 animated movie which is a comic book adaptation. The main character of the movie is Marjane Satrapi, and the movie represent her experiences and feelings about Iranian Revolution. Now, in this essay I will mention and describe four concepts which are related to the movie. First of all, politics is how people form their society, and how they rule themselves according to conflicts and consensus between political powers. In the movie most of Iranian people were not pleased about administration of Shah. They do not want to be ruled with dictatorship, and they wanted to change the regime. They thought that by the fall of Pahlavi dynasty, they can improve the country, and they formed groups against his governance, and revolt. The administration of Shah ended by the revolution. People elected the…show more content…
In the movie Marjane’s boyfriend hold her hand, and police saw them. Because of Marjane’s and her boyfriend’s attitude, they were punished with fine or whip, and they chose to pay money. After this incident they decided to marry to avoid being punished again. If this incident had not been, Marjane and her boyfriend would not have married. Rules made them marry with punishment. That is how power is. It promotes people to do something with awards and forces them with punishments according to their actions. Thus, this scene is an example of what can power do to people. Thirdly, authority is the legitimate power. Its currency’s source is authoritative positions, like government, judges. In Persepolis, a scene, which government made the convicts what government wanted to do, is an example of authority. There are a lot of convicts in prisons. Government said that convicts can be free if they promise that they will abide by the government. However, if they do not promise, they will be punished with death. In this scene, the authority uses its power by punishing
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