Personal Benefits Of Education

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Throughout my academic career every academic personnel I have ever encountered has always said, in some version, “The more education you obtain the more money, experiences and opportunities you will be able to receive within your lifetime.” These words of wisdom have propelled me to gain as much education as I can, while sharing all the knowledge that I have obtained with others. As I progressed through my education I have seen this wisdom to be true. By furthering my education, I have been able to meet people from all walks of life and careers, I have been able to travel all throughout Europe and see the places that I had only been able to learn and see within the pages of my textbooks, and I have been able to learn and understand some of the most complex issues that continue to plague society. Being a witness to the benefits that education has brought me to be someone that helps others obtain the benefits of education.
Many believe that education can solely be gained within the classroom, to me education and knowledge is not limited to the classroom, but is gained through every encounter you have with someone, no matter their age. Meaning education is obtained not only through the classroom setting, but also through life experiences and from others. This openness to the mutual sharing of knowledge is the mindset and approach I have used to teach and or tutor others over my high school and collegiate career. During high school, I had the privilege of being a peer mentor to

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