Personal Definition Of Human Being, Environment, Health, And Nursing

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When posed with the task of giving personal definitions of terms such as human being, environment, health, and nursing, one is forced to evaluate and recall on past experiences and exposures in their life and profession that have helped define who they are. These experiences are the building blocks to which a person makes decisions, behaves, and forms opinions. As experience grows and develops, so do the personal definitions an individual uses to apply to these terms.
One memorable moment stands out more than any other, and it has been a vital contribution to how the personal definition of human being, environment, health, and nursing developed. A patient was presented that had coded at home after chopping wood …show more content…

It was important to remember this while caring for the patient whose heart had stopped. Too easily one can become too emotionally involved to think clearly and make life saving decisions. The patient that was presented was a living human being, and the job was to ensure that he take another breath and his heart continue to beat. There are, however, different perspective on the definition of human being. The college of New Jersey approached this definition with a holistic component, only briefly addressing the biological appreciation of the term. They state that "Humans, as holistic beings, are unique, dynamic, sentient, and multidimensional, capable of abstract reasoning, creativity, aesthetic appreciation, and self-responsibility" (The College of New Jersey, 2016). In critical care areas, it is important to adapt to the changes and needs of the patient as they are presented. This is true for many variables that contribute to patient’s status, including their environment. An environment is the components of the surroundings of a human being, as well as internal forces, which may or may not have an influence on the human being 's physical, emotional, social, or spiritual qualities. By changing these elements within this definition, nurses can adapt and provide for

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