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Research Summary and Ethical Considerations: Support for Hospital Patients & Supported Factors Patient Support is a significant phase in delivering the care. This support should be tailored to each patients in their life situations and individual needs to bring out better outcomes. The article by E. Mattila et al in 2010, is a study of patient support especially emotional and informational support given by the nurses to their patients (Mattila, 2010). The patients need support in the hospital environment to reduce stress and anxiety that in turn, promote the healing and recovery. The article by E. Mattila et al. 2010, support works as a shield for the patients when they are stressed (Mattila, 2010). Access to support is very important…show more content…
Those who met the above criteria (N = 1330), in each unit, 30-100 questionnaires were handed out. Using test of sphericity by Bartlett (p < 0.0001), and the measure of sampling adequacy (0.97) by Kaiser Mayer-Olkin, the adequacy of the data and the fitness of the correlation matrix for factor analyses were tested. Also, background factors were included in the study of support and statistical significance was set at p < 0.05 (Mattila, 2010). Results of study Patients who participated in the study had an average age of 59(SD 14.8, range 18–96). Most of them were females. In the inpatient unit, the number of beds ranged from 15 to 41 (M 25), and the percentage of emergency patients from 0% to 99% (M 50%). With an average rate of 104% (range72–123%) bed utilization, the unit workloads were very high. The nurse-to-bed ratio and care intensity index ranged from 0.50 to 1.0 (M 0.75) and 5 to 10 (M 7.67) respectively (Mattila, 2010). During the patients' stay in hospital, they felt as if they received more emotional support than informational. When compared to inpatients and emergency patients, the report showed outpatients and inpatients received more support. Having a named nurse system influenced access to the support positively. On the contrary, the availability of support had gotten worse with increase in critical patients' numbers and increased job responsibilities. Due to these
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