Personal Ethics Reflection Paper

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In the beginning I did not understand the overall meaning of ethics. I knew that it had a lot to do with the world and what went on here on earth. Being in this class I learned that ethics cover everything from your personal beliefs, what is right and wrong, and the overall principles of it all. When we first started the project I had mixed feelings. In my head I was thinking “I will not see an ethical issue every day, this will be hard”. After a couple days of thinking, I began to ask myself a lot of questions about the things I saw. That’s when I began to realize that these issues happen everyday in life I just wasn’t aware of it being considered an ethical issue. This project opened up a door for me. It helped me understand the class…show more content…
Due to a classmate bringing this issue up it started a debate. The insight on ethical issues made me take an honest look on everything I wrote about and how I could understand it better. In the beginning of the semester I thought this project would be hard due to me not having a clear understanding of ethics. The education behind ethics began to give me the ability to show my own personal beliefs. I started to think what is right and what is wrong. Doing this project helped me learn what to do with difficult choices that came my way. With that being said I knew what to do so I would not end up down the wrong road. I know being human it is not easy to always do the right thing, but when you think of the consequences your thought process will change. You begin to raise ethical questions that will challenge you on the choice you are going to make. There are times where I have to choose between going home and going to sleep or staying up to do homework. Due to my working schedule being crazy most days I work at 3am. By the time I get off I am exhausted but I go straight to doing my homework then go to bed. If I were to skip out on doing my homework, I will not get good grades. That will cause me to graduate if I’m getting F’s on my report card. In this situation, I choose the right thing to do. This issue came with good and bad consequences. It also made me think about my personal values in life. I feel very strongly about getting a higher

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