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Overall success begins with understanding your own tendencies in a large arrangement of categories. Teamwork is simply a group of individuals bring their own personal styles together with the goal of building a single cohesive idea, which could easily be derailed by conflicting personalities and hardheadedness. The future prosperity of an organization depends on the success in the individuals and teamwork. On an individual level, it is necessary to look at general personality, motivation, decision making, values, and attitude. Strong tendencies in any of those parts can dictate how someone may act in a group setting and understanding the differences can allow people to be more tolerant to conflicting styles of work. By having an …show more content…

When I was working on my Associate’s Degree, it was supposed to take five semesters to complete, but I had a particular life milestone by which I wanted to finish. I worked tirelessly and was determined to make my goal; ultimately I graduated in three semesters and four months early of my goal. However, in the process I was a difficult person to be around because all my mind could concentrate on was making my goal. The surprising part of this assessment was that I was unaware that there was a label such as Type-A+, which I placed in strongly. For the Type-A+ group, a score of 120 or above is needed and I scored a 150. The analysis included with the assessment explained the personality type very well. One point in particular was when it mentioned “obsessed with numbers,” which is uncannily me. When talking to people, I always feel the desire to define occasions or plans in time since or time left. Another assessment that stood out to me about my personality, though it did not have surprising results, was the one titled “What’s My Jungian 16-Type Personality?” My results were returned with a score of INFJ. The recommended possible careers that are associated with that score include: human resources manager (which is my major), psychologist (which is my minor), teacher (which is something I hope to do in the future), and novelist (which is a hobby of mine). I enjoy helping people in their career and life.

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