Personal Experience on Self-Change

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For this project, I have chose to modify an increase in my daily water consumption, with the intention to enhance overall health and wellness. Water is an essential element for the survival of the human body. At least 20% of water necessary each day is consumed through the foods you eat, with direct consumption of water the most effective and beneficial method of rehydration. Each day, water is lost through the process of urination, respiration and perspiration, and in order for these bodily functions to occur water must be continually replaced through our daily diet. When water is not consumed individuals are at risk of dehydration, which can negatively impact the human body. These symptoms include thirst, headaches, dry-skin, fatigue, join and muscle pain. As a full-time university student, working part-time with social commitments throughout the day it is often difficult to intentionally reflect on how much water I have consumed, with in some instances not having access to a water bottle at all times. Research suggests, that the transtheoretical model of change, also known as the stages of change model, will be a good model for changing this behavior. The transtheoretical model is an integrative and comprehensive model of…
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