Personal Governing Values Essays

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My personal governing values and personal ethics code are based on what I truly believe to be right and true. With commitment and strength of mind, I propose solid values that will help drive my goals and activities through the road of success. Physical Health: * Value: * I will remain fit both mentally and physically year long. * I will maintain a constant balance-diet to sustain a healthy appearance. * I will continue to exercise to keep increasing confidence and self esteem. * I will keep my weight average and keep an appropriate body mass ratio. * Goal: * I will continue to exercise daily using above average level fitness routines to help build my self esteem and most important, confidence:…show more content…
Even though I am working at least 40 hours per work, completing assignments is important to avoid falling behind. * Sign up to a focus study group at the UNT Dallas campus to talk about skills and resources available for current students. Interacting with other students about class topics can be very helpful, meaning it can lead to answer to questions me myself might be wondering about. Financial & Resource Management: * Value: * I will strive for success by paying off credit card debts. * I will manage my time more efficiently, which has become a critical asset in my life. * I will cut back on nonsense spending and instead save money for any unfortunate circumstances that may occur. * I will continue to use my resources available at work to help me be a better salesman. * Goal: * Gambling at the Windstar Casino has turn into a bad habit for me. Spending several dollars per month in nonsense casino gambling has definitely affected my savings portfolio. It is time to get rid of bad spending and instead focus on necessary spending only : * I will find another interesting hoppy that will help me stop thinking of going to the casino. * Get involved with my bank and learn of available opportunities that can be use to increase my savings account. In other words, get involved in monthly fund raising payments. * Enhance my skills in finding ways to
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