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Personal Nutrition Case Study The World Health Organization defines good nutrition as an “adequate, well-balanced diet combined with regular physical activity” (World Health Organization, 2017). It is often difficult for a college student to maintain good nutrition due to a very limited income. An inadequate amount of time to exercise and prepare/eat meals also plays a role in a college student’s nutritional habits. Most college students toss good nutrition out the window and migrate towards foods that are easy to prepare and quick to eat. However, along with the convenience of these easy and quick types of food, come consequences as well. The food is usually extremely unhealthy which can lead to weight gain (Freshman 15) and other health …show more content…

The nutritional areas that need improvement include: vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber and saturated fat intake. My dietary intake was very insufficient in many vitamins and minerals and also in dietary fiber. My diet also consisted of too many saturated fats. The nutritional areas that were sufficient to meet my needs include: protein, carbohydrate and added sugar intake.
Real and Potential Health Problems Vitamin and mineral deficiencies in my dietary pattern are two of the biggest potential health problems that I am concerned about. The body needs vitamins and minerals for a variety of functions, so they are stored up in case a deficiency occurs. However, if my dietary intake does not include these vitamins or minerals for an extended period of time, the stores will eventually be depleted and health problems can and will develop.
Health Implications
Specific implications related to the potential health problems above include the B6 vitamin and the calcium mineral. A vitamin B6 deficiency is the vitamin deficiency most likely to occur because I am of “childbearing age” and I am a “former oral contraceptive user”, both of which are risk factors (Lutz, Mazur, & Litch, 2015, p. 121). A calcium deficiency is the mineral deficiency most likely to affect my health as I age. I have a high risk of developing osteoporosis after menopause because I am a “fair-complexioned white woman” and

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