Personal Interest And Belief Someone Has On Students And Create Contexts That Support Your Students ' Citizenship Essay

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Local understanding is a topic we talked much about in this class. It is the capacity to see citizenship in your students and create contexts that support your students’ citizenship. In simpler words, the way that I view it as is the personal interest and belief someone has in you. When I think back to all of my teachers and coaches I had growing up, one comes to my mind right away. This person that demonstrated local understanding was my coach. He first became my coach in the fourth grade when I joined AAU basketball. He put together a team of players who were serious about basketball and wanted some harder competition from other towns. I was lucky enough that I got asked to be on the team. We had practice every Sunday, and we’d have tournaments about every other Saturday during the winter season. All of us girls got really close beings we were together basically every weekend. My coach wasn’t all that strict beings we were only fourth graders, but he sure did put us to work. We maybe had two or three one-minute breaks for that whole hour and a half of practice. Over the years we traveled to other towns, we became better and stronger basketball players. Believe it or not, I was actually the second tallest player on the team, so the coach had me playing post. I always struggled with my post moves, so he would work with me individually on my moves. “Jump, Shaina, jump! Put your legs into it!” He would yell at me every practice about how high I wasn’t jumping. One time he

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