Personal Leadership Philosophy Of Leadership

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I believe a personal leadership philosophy is developed through experiences as both a follower and a leader. Leadership skills are gained in many ways such as learning from the successful methods and mistakes of others, constructive criticism from followers and leader colleagues alike and remaining current in leadership literature. I have developed my theory based on personal encounters with positive and negative leadership experiences which include leading by example, listening and adapting to your followers needs and lastly, including followers in times of significant change.
I believe that leading by example is a vital tenet of leadership. Johnson (2015) found that when a police field supervisor proactively engaged in investigative work, the volume of same work performed by their patrol officers doubled (p. 238). Johnson (2015, p. 237) also found that the supervisors had to only engage in one or two of these proactive activities in order to spark the patrol officers to conduct extra investigative work. I believe that if you want a specific result from your followers such as working more efficiently, improving their skills or showing initiative in the workplace you must do the same so they do not feel that they are merely picking up your slack. When a leader is contributing towards the common goal it makes the leader a member of the team and not just the task manager.
My second position on leadership is that a leader’s style depends on their followers and situation at
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